Posca Markers are acrylic ink pens that dry to become waterproof. Drying time is 2 to 20 minutes depending on ink use and humidity. Posca’s are high-pigment, light-fast and non-toxic. The colours are eye-catching and flat matt in appearance, a look that is very unique to Posca art.

Tip: A wet brush can be used to blend and give gradients of colour to Posca ink.

The pens come in various sizes with different shaped nibs. Line thicknesses vary from .7mm (similar to a broad biro) to a chunky 15mm. The nibs allow for different art-styles. The most popular for surfboard art are the 5M (the middle black one). The 17K (furthest to right) can often be seen on used car windscreens. Colour availability is varied with some sizes having more than 30 colours.
Posca pens can be used directly on many surfaces including metal, wood, glass, most plastics, plaster, canvas and more. Once dry the artwork can be sealed with spray or paint-on varnish. Artists acrylic varnish is recommended. Also, 2 pack resin can be poured over artwork for a glossy, under-glass look. 
To remove from glass, such as windscreens and shop windows, use a scraper blade at an angle to peel the posca away from the glass. Clean up with window cleaner (Windex is great).

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